Weather in Spain

Spanish Weather

The weather in Spain varies enormously throughout the various regions of Spain. The north (which represents around one third of Spain) is very wet and green, maintaining a relatively constant year round temperature. Southern Spain (specifically Andalusia), the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands have very hot summers and mild winters, and so are popular with holidaymakers from around the world.

Spain Climate

The climate in Spain and the Spanish weather systems are generally thought of as relating to four different climatic areas:

  • Mediterranean – eastern and southern Spain experience hot summers and mild winters. The wettest periods of weather in Spain during the year are spring and autumn.
  • Interior – hot summers and very cold winters (especially in the inland north).
  • Northern Atlantic Coast – mild summers with cold and wet winters.
  • The Canary Islands – sub tropical, hot summers and mild temperatures throughout the rest of the year.