La Rioja

La Rioja is located in the north of Spain. Northwards is the Basque Country, eastwards is Navarre and southeast is Aragon. Castile-Leon surrounds the rest of la Rioja from the south around to the northwest.

La Rioja lies along the western side of the Ebro Valley (el Valle del Ebro), indeed the Ebro River (el Río Ebro) flows through the region, as does the Oja River from which the region was named (el Río Oja).
This region of Spain covers approximately 5,000 km2, representing around 1% of Spain’s total area. It has a mix of different geographical features.

Rioja Wine

The upper half, Rioja Alta, is mountainous, has a mild climate and abundant rainfall. The lower half, Rioja Baja, is flatter, with a hot and dry climate. As a mountainous region, it is somewhat protected from the elements, which gives it a climate that is particularly suited to growing grapes: La Rioja is subsequently famous for its wine. The centre of Rioja wine production is the city of Haro, which hosts a famous festival called the "Battle of Wine" (ls Battalla del Vino) each June.

Other cities of note are in La Rioja are Calahorra, Arnedo, San Millan de la Cogolla, Santo Domingo de la Calzada, and Logroño.
La Rioja also has natural attractions and offers many opportunities for rural tourism, climbing and walking: one such area, the Tierra de Cameros in the south of the region, is a mountainous area of outstanding beauty.