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Welcome to Spanish Talk. It is our intention to help you learn about Spain and the Spanish language. We have been providing aid to hispanophiles since September 2005 and continue to add content relating to Spain and Castilian Spanish on a weekly basis.

All of the information on this site is designed to help you learn to talk Spanish and find out more about Spain. All the language exercises and vocabulary are completely free for you to use. However, all the content on Spanish Talk is copyrighted, so please respect it and do not attempt to republish it elsewhere.

Spanish Talk News


Our first additions to Spanish Talk in 2007. Our new Spanish Food pages are designed to whet your appetite for Spanish Flavours by giving you information and recipes for Spanish food. Enjoy!

We have recently created a Spanish Forum to exchange views, experiences and knowledge about Spain and share to share tips to help you learn Spanish. Please feel free to drop by but if you wish to read and make posts there you will need to become a member: anybody interested in Spain and Spanish language is welcome to join! There are many topic areas for discussion about different aspects of Spain and language learning: subject areas include Spanish vocabulary, Spanish grammar, visiting Spain, living in Spain, working in Spain, studying in Spain and Spanish sports.

We also have a weblog that is regularly updated with news and opinions about Spain and learning Spanish which you may find useful. You can find our blog here: the Spain Blog.

So Why Create Spanish Talk?

Spanish is the fastest growing language. In terms of the number of speakers, It is the fourth most widely used language in the world: over 300 million people use Spanish as a principal language.

Bearing these figures in mind, Spanish Talk aims to help people who wish to learn Spanish and/or who are interested in Spain and Spanish culture.

Within the site you will find information on many aspects of Spain, from Spain’s co-official languages and language learning tips in general to Spanish culture and regional food recipes. The links on the right-hand side of the pages will help you to find your way around.

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